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Heating Maintenance And Service


  • Sufficient heating

  • Sufficient air flow

  • Sufficient gas pressure

  • Sufficient ventilation

  • Clear and burning flames

  • Free from carbon monoxide

  • Free from flames flash back

  • Proper safety devices

  • Longer equipment life span

  • Completely safe to operate during and after business hours

Issues Encountered with Improper Maintenance and Service

  • Furnace not properly heating

  • Improper air flow

  • Improper gas pressure

  • Improper ventilation

  • Improper combustion

  • Dirty burners

  • Unclean heat exchanger

  • Poisonous gas (carbon monoxide)

  • Flame flash back

  • Improper burning flames

  • Improper safety devices

  • Ignition failure



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