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Types of Contracts

Maintenance Contract

* Covers trips to job site as often as needed per month and written inspection that includes:

  Changing filters

  Checking refrigerant charge

  Cleaning condensation drain pan

  Adjusting or replacing belts as needed

  Cleaning blower motor and wheels

  Oiling motor bearings

  Cleaning or adjusting pilots

  Cleaning burners

  Cleaning evaporator coils

  Cleaning condensing coils

  Checking running amps on system


Maintenance Contract

* Covers trips to job site and repairing equipment throughout the duration of the contract (Parts and materials are not included)


Service Contract

* Covers trips to job site, 100% maintenance, 100% service, parts and materials.



With the service contract if you have a compressor, fan motor and bearing burns out, the parts and labor and trip costs are all covered.


Advantages Of A Contract

  • Fewer equipment breakdowns

  • Lower equipment operation costs

  • Fewer employee and customer complaints

Disadvantages Of Not Having A Contract

  • Equipment operates at 50% of its potential

  • Higher operation costs

  • Higher percentage of breakdown



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